Our expertise

We put our expertise at your service

COMTEL Group is positioned today as the reference partner to deploy all the technological potential at the service of the company. In this context, our teams implement reliable solutions in perfect harmony with our customers’ organization for optimized integration into existing information systems.

With its unique experience, COMTEL is recognized today for its great reliability and professionalism, which enables it to meet specific challenges for each client, whether in terms of competitiveness, deadlines or skills development.


The corporate network is the critical infrastructure on which all the digital solutions of an organization are built. The skills and experience acquired over decades allow us, better than anyone, to build you intelligent, agile and scalable networks, capable of sustainably supporting the accelerated development of your activity. This is how we allow you to guarantee a high level of availability and service for your customers, employees and partners.


  • Design and implementation of Networks & Network Interconnection,

  • Network security, Building security


The expertise of our teams in the field of data centers allows us to build efficient, resilient and efficient data centers in terms of energy consumption for the peace of mind and continuity of the service offered by our Customers.


  • Development,

  • Equipment,

  • Virtualization,

  • Storage,

  • Backup,

  • Security,

  • Supervision and operation


We have strong expertise in both cybersecurity, information systems security, and building security and safety. The constant updating of our skills, allows us to assure you of the capacity of your defense system to protect you against the risks and perpetual evolution. Access to the internet and your intranet can thus be achieved with reduced security risks.


  • Design and integration of space security solutions (IP video surveillance, access control, fire protection)


In a globalized world where cost reduction as well as the need for high productivity of increasingly dispersed teams are becoming strong requirements, a rich, real-time, secure, inexpensive collaboration is essential as a valuable tool for development, even survival. Our various collaboration solutions will provide you with the agility you need for your efficiency.


  • Design and Integration of collaboration solutions (videoconferencing, IP telephony, professional messaging, etc.)


Electrical safety and the optimization of energy consumption are our credo. From electrical audits to energy production by photovoltaic panels, including the design and deployment of electrical networks, we have competent local technical resources capable of addressing and supporting the needs of our customers.


  • Renewable energy
  • Electrical connection
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical optimization

Outsourcing and technical support

Comtel wants to be your local partner for controlled IT. Our innovative outsourcing approach ensures that your IT infrastructures are maintained in operational conditions and in good performance. Our teams are able to deal constantly and diligently remotely or on site with your service needs and then advise you in the evolution of your information system according to your needs. We take care of different aspects of your needs: Monitoring, Maintenance, HelpDesk, Delegation, Administration, Piloting


  • Value-added distribution of technological equipment.

  • Audit and optimization of infrastructure performance

  • Prometric and Pearson Vue Test Center

Prometric & Pearson VUE certification center

Comtel extends its service by offering a Prometric & Pearson VUE certification center.
Our partnership with Pearson Vue and Prometric allows us to offer professional access to the certifications of the world’s largest publishers and manufacturers (Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Linux, Fortinet, PMI, Huawei etc.).
The online exams we offer in our test center are held under conditions approuved by our partners

Certifications & Partnerships

Our locations

Comtel Bénin

1409 Immeuble Comtel, Avenue du Canada Cadjehoun II
Tel : 21 30 84 86

Comtel Togo

N°75, Rue des Filaos, TOKOIN HABITAT, Lomé
Tel : +228 22 20 56 86

Comtel Niger

SONUCI; Rue Petroba /Oriba   Niamey  (NIGER)
Tel : +227 20 35 10  89

Comtel Côte d’Ivoire

COCODY LES DEUX PLATEAUX Au 3ᵉ étage de l’immeuble BOLOHI
Tél: + 225 – 07 09 65 15 15