QSE Policy

Comtel Technologies, a responsible company, has given itself the ambition to build according to international standards the first Beninese company in the field of integration of leading technologies in an increasingly competitive market and guaranteeing to its customers efficient, reliable and complete services to make the difference and to satisfy its customers durably and effectively. 

Our vision is as follows: “High-performing men and women working within a company of regional scope, leader in its market and provider of innovative technological solutions for the acceleration of its customers development.” 

Through our integrated QSE management system and thanks to the involvement of all, we will be able to better meet the requirements and expectations of our “interested parties”. It will also contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives including mainly:

  1. A greater regional presence and the development of uncommon partnerships to effectively address more demanding markets;
  2. The strengthening of our skills (technical and managerial) for a better service to our customers, a greater commercial aggressiveness and a greater competitiveness in view of a constant annual double digit growth;
  3. A greater motivation, a better blooming of the men and women who work within the company through the implementation of an incentive, pleasant, healthy and secure working environment;
  4. A strong orientation of respect for the environment through various actions including the management of waste from our activity.

We are committed to respecting the legal and regulatory requirements related to our activities, the requirements of our customers as well as the requirements of ISO 9001 version 2015, ISO 14001 version 2015 and ISO 45001 version 2018. 

To achieve our ambitions, the General Management is committed to providing the necessary resources for the completion of the integrated management system process and to ensure the continuous improvement of the system through an annual management review. Each member of Comtel Technologies’ staff, by his daily actions and his professionalism, is an essential actor of the success of the present policy.


Cotonou, November 23, 2020

Our locations

Comtel Bénin

1409 Immeuble Comtel, Avenue du Canada Cadjehoun II
Tel : 21 30 84 86

Comtel Togo

N°75, Rue des Filaos, TOKOIN HABITAT, Lomé
Tel : +228 22 20 56 86

Comtel Niger

SONUCI; Rue Petroba /Oriba   Niamey  (NIGER)
Tel : +227 20 35 10  89

Comtel Côte d’Ivoire

COCODY LES DEUX PLATEAUX Au 3ᵉ étage de l’immeuble BOLOHI
Tél: + 225 – 07 09 65 15 15